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Restaurant Cleaning Outsourcing in Maryland

Restaurant Cleaning Outsourced

Restaurant Cleaning
It’s easy to clean your china and cutlery in a dishwasher, but it requires a lot more effort to make your entire dining room and cooking equipment shine like new. A restaurant cleaning service can provide the cleanest dining environment for your staff and customers, and prolong the life of your furniture and equipment.
Restaurant cleaning companies can offer an array of services for your business including:
* Pressure washing floors and building exterior
* Washing kitchen hoods
* Cleaning exhaust fans, ducts, filters
* Cleaning tables
* Emptying grease traps
* Mopping and waxing floors
* Vacuuming waiting areas
* Sanitizing bathrooms
* Disinfecting and polishing sinks, mirrors, toilets, and urinals
* Washing internal/external windows
* Dusting windows, mini-blinds, air conditioner vents, wall hangings
* Washing floors and kitchen mats
* Refilling consumables including paper products and soap
* Removing wayward food and grime from dumpster area

Maryland Cleaning of Restaurants Outsourced

One of the most important services offered by restaurant cleaning companies involves pressure washing. This helps remove loose dirt and debris and remove grease stains from just about anywhere. Pressure washing uses a powerful stream of water and safe chemicals to blast away dirt and grime for a thorough cleaning.
Restaurant cleaning services also tend to your exhaust fans. Your restaurant exhaust system can become a fire hazard if you don’t properly care for it. When clean, the system can effectively remove odors and excess heat from your kitchen. It helps keep kitchen staffers comfortable and allows them to concentrate on the quality of their food preparation. Certified cleaners can bring your exhaust system up to the strict guidelines of the NFPA and FDA.

A professional restaurant cleaning service can also help you prepare for state-mandated fire and insurance inspections. After every comprehensive cleaning, most services will provide a certificate or hood sticker detailing when the cleaning took place and what services were rendered. And to ease customer concerns about the cleanliness of your lavatories, cleaning staff supplies a chart detailing your daily cleaning regimen.
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